Fatty Bear

The world of gaming is still recovering tonight after the shock news that Atari has had to relinquish the license for the Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise series at bankruptcy auction. In a surprise twist, all major publishers were outbid on the license by Tommo, Inc, who also snapped up the coveted Math Grand Prix.

Ok, ok, that maybe wasn’t the biggest news to come out of this auction. That, as RockPaperShotgun so rightly noted, is probably the reunion of Chris Taylor and the Total Annihilation license. The latter was purchased by Wargaming (who picked up Taylor’s Gas Powered Games studio earlier in the year,) along with the Master of Orion rights.

Rebellion got themselves a pretty nifty pair of series in the form of Battlezone and Moonbase Commander, while Stardock (who narrowly missed out on Master of Orion,) did managed to grab Star Control.

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