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The Atelier series includes some of the more confusing and obscure JRPGs I can think of. Every time I see an Atelier game, there’s a new one sitting right next to it. So it only seems right that Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream is releasing this month. It’s coming out less than two years after the last iteration. Publisher KOEI TECMO and developer GUST Studios released tons of new information today about some of the game’s new mechanics, including the “improved battle system.”

While many Atelier games feature self-contained stories, Atelier Sophie 2 follows characters we’ve seen before. Sophie will set out on an adventure to find her missing friend, while also learning more about the mysterious world she’s in: Erde Wiege. Reportedly, monsters in this game will have appeared in the previous Atelier entries, so fans should easily recognize what’s returning. Additionally, the new battle system in Atelier Sophie 2¬†will feature something big: battles that instantly start without a loading screen.


Fight ideally

Battles will initiate without a separate loading screen or load times, which “allows gameplay to flow seamlessly between exploration and combat.” Six party members can join forces to fight in “multi-linked turn-based battles.” Party members are split into two teams: Assault Teams and Back-up Teams. (Members in the front and members in the back.) The combat system also introduces “twin actions” that allow the Assault Teams and Back-up Teams to fight at the same time.

These are only some of the new mechanics of the game, which enriched the combat system greatly. The game will also feature a new photo mode, allowing you to take snapshots of your favorite moments. Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream will release on February 24 for PC via Steam. You can pre-purchase the game now for $59.99 USD, or the Deluxe or Ultimate edition for $69.99 USD and $114.99 USD, respectively. Check out a new trailer below to see some of the new gameplay in action.

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