Atlas Fallen Gameplay Trailer

From Deck13, the developer that brought us Lords of the Fallen, comes a new game: Atlas Fallen. This sandy, open-world, exploration game showcases lightning-quick combat parries, beautifully designed leviathan enemies, and some flashy movement. The Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer reveals some interesting insight into what to expect.

Big ideas, big environments, and bigger beasts

Towering ruins poke from an arid desert that holds remnants of fallen empires. A mass of jagged rocks and caverns promises treasures and challenges, and forgotten temples allude to lore and mystery. The latest Atlas Fallen trailer showcases an open world that teases with an environment full of intrigue and sand, so much sand.

Power sliding through the dunes should be done with caution. Monstrous beasts populate the desolate climes, just waiting to return you to the dust you pulled yourself from. Hulking beasts of fire and stone adorned with wings, claws, and elemental destruction prowl.

Some serious weaponry

The Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer shows off some serious hardware. Shape-shifting weaponry looks to bring swift vengeance on anything seeking a fight. Massive beasts are brought to their knees with sharp-looking combos and breakneck parries.

Besides the arsenal of mythical weapons, we see there’s the ability to wield the power of the elements. The Atlas Fallen trailer displays the command not only to blast beasts with a fiery vengeance, and freeze them to their spot, but also to pull ruins from the depths of the sands.

Don’t go it alone

With a split-second look, it is revealed that you don’t have to tackle the barren desert alone. Take on the game with friends and combine your weapons and mastery of the elements together. Boast of your hard-earned upgrades and abilities as you smash through foes as a squad.

This looks like Journey meets Shadow of The Colossus meets Moster Hunter, certainly a combo I’m excited to see.

Atlas Fallen Gameplay Trailer

Image via Focus Entertainment

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