Atlas Reactor open Alpha is now live – Founder’s Packs available

Atlas Reactor open Alpha is now live – Founder’s Packs available

A quick reminder to everyone that the Atlas Reactor open alpha went live last night and is ready for action.

TRION’s simultaneous turn-based team tactics game currently in development at Trion is certainly a little different and worth a look if you enjoy the gameplay mechincs  of games like XCOM.

This latest test brings a new Freelancer to the game in the form of Oz who’s described as “a versatile Firepower freelancer who generates afterimages that mirror his abilities and confound enemies.”

To coincide with this test, TRIO has also launched their Founder’s Packs with beta access available for $9.99.

“With a game that appeals to such a wide range of players across multiple genres, we’re really focused on perfecting the fast-paced, simultaneous turn-based mechanic at the core of Atlas Reactor, and we need plenty of players diving into the game to do that,” said Peter Ju, executive producer on Atlas Reactor. “Equally important, we’ll be stress testing and load balancing with the game open to everyone for the first time. Jump on in and help us break things! It’s all in the name of delivering a finely-tuned experience at launch.”

We’ve dived into the game a few times now and it’s pretty fun. It’s a little confusing when you start so it’s worth playing through the tutorials before joining real players. If you don’t get it right then Freelancers will be firing off their skills at all the wrong times.

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