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We are getting closer to the launch of Atomic Heart. A fresh gameplay trailer for Atomic Heart has dropped, providing a further glimpse at the game all the while highlighting 4K GeForce RTX visuals. You can take a look at the latest gameplay trailer and stunning graphics in the video below.

Already, we have been treated to a trailer that shows off the combat in Atomic Heart. There will be a whole armory of weapons at your disposal including melee weapons to break robots, and various guns such as pistols, rifles, and more. In addition, we have already seen some of the abilities that will assist you in battle. From movement abilities to a glove that lets you levitate enemies, the combat is definitely intriguing.

Nvidia also revealed that the game will get full DLSS 3 support, along with many others such as Witchfire.

Atomic Heart RTX gameplay trailer is not short on action

The latest Atomic Heart gameplay trailer shows off some of the environments you’ll be able to immerse yourself in and, of course, the action-packed battles you’ll face. It appears that you’ll even be able to fly some sort of aircraft and explore what could lie above ground. You can expect a gritty, yet chaotic experience when you hop in to the alternative timeline that Atomic Heart portrays.

If you aren’t familiar with the narrative, in this timeline the Soviet Union actually thrived. The utopian version of the Soviet Union has robots as a part of everyday life. The development of advanced technology and secret experiments caused something to go wrong, however, and now you’re fighting for survival.

Initially, Atomic Heart got a holiday 2022 release window. But Mundfish made the decision to delay the game to try and achieve the most polished version possible. If there are no more delays, PC players can expect Atomic Heart on Steam when it becomes available on February 21.

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