Atomic Heart: How to unlock all doors

How To Unlock Doors Puzzle Atomic Hearts

Locked doors make up the majority of the puzzles in Atomic Heart. There are several different types of locks that all have their own unique mechanics that you’ll need to know to unlock them. Here’s our guide on how to unlock all doors in Atomic Heart.

How to unlock doors in Atomic Heart

Dots lock

Dots Lock Puzzle Atomic Hearts

The Dots lock is fairly common and can be a little tricky to solve. Each light next to the upright locks will be a certain color. You need to rotate the dots using the bottom three slots to match the colors up. The easiest way to do this is to count the gap between the colored locks and then try to match that gap by rotating the bottom slots.

Key Disk lock

Key Disk Lock 2 Puzzle Atomic Heart

There is no flashy way to unlock a key disk lock. If you come across one of these, you need to search the surrounding area for a key disk. Once you’ve found the key disk, simply return to the lock and you will automatically open it using the item.

Pattern lock

Pattern Lock Puzzle Atomic Heart

Pattern locks are the rarest type of lock in Atomic Heart, so it makes sense that they are the hardest to break. For these, you need to find something nearby that will tell you in which order the lights need to be lit. This could be a note lying around or you might need to extract some information from a talking corpse.

Timing lock

Timing Lock Puzzle

Timing locks are by far the most common type of door locks you will have to unlock in Atomic Heart. As the timer goes down the lights around the edge will light up, rotating either clockwise or anti-clockwise, getting faster with each successfully picked lock. Press ‘left-click’ when the light next to one of the upright locks lights up. Repeat for all of the locks and the door will open once finished.

Vertical lock

Vertical Lock Puzzle

The vertical lock is your standard video game door lock. All you need to do to unlock doors with vertical locks in Atomic Heart is rotate the lock and left-click until it unlocks. The further the lock moves on an attempt, the closer you are to the sweet spot.

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