Atomic Heart Interview world design

Have you ever thought about what would happen if robots took over the world? Let’s face it, that thought has surely crossed most of our minds before. Atomic Heart will allow you to hop into an alternate reality world, where robots are in fact taking over the Soviet Union. It is your job to investigate and end the chaos that the robots are causing. As you jump into this new landscape, you encounter various enemies, explore different environments, craft weapons, and much more. I was able to ask some questions and get answers from game’s development team about Atomic Heart.

Let’s get straight into the questions and answers.


The robotic world of Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is set in the Soviet Union, but with a twist. In this version, technology and robots are extremely advanced — a theme Mundfish wanted to explore for some time. Its team members “are huge fans of Soviet sci-fi as well as the overall aesthetics of that period.” When exploring the world, you can look forward to a fresh experience as Mundfish believes “there is nothing quite like it.”

A lot of thought was put into designing all these robots and gadgets that could fit into a unique setting. Throughout the story, you will experience “a balance between drama, weirdness, humor, and action.” According to Mundfish, “Atomic Heart is a crazy game, it can get very funny or very scary at times.” Expect to encounter all different kinds of characters and scenarios on your journey.

When you are immersed in Atomic Heart, you may want to visit this alternate reality again and again. The game comes with an element of continuation, as “you will be able to explore the world beyond the main story quest.” On replayability, Mundfish went on to explain that “you will probably need to complete the game more than once to understand everything.” So far, we only know that Mundfish is planning to add PvP to Atomic Heart and the team members “do not rule out the possibility of multiplayer in the future.” It will definitely be interesting if we get to play an Atomic Heart co-op mode with our friends. However, the campaign is the priority, as Mundfish is “completely focused on the single player part of the game with no distractions.”

Atomic Heart Interview world design

Keep an eye out for more news

Looking ahead to post launch, it seems that there is even more content to come. When asked about the potential for additional content, Mundfish responds stating it has “some plans for post-launch DLCs already.” For now, we will have to wait and see what those plans translate to. Despite this, it is definitely exciting to learn that Atomic Heart players will see the roll out of new content after the game makes its debut.


We would like to thank the Mundfish team members for their time. It appears there is a lot to look forward to, and more Atomic Heart announcements are still to come ahead of the holiday release window.

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