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Atomic Heart Not A Password At All Code Guide answer

There are a lot of puzzles in Atomic Heart that players have to figure out. Some are generic while others are unique to specific areas. One of these unique puzzles that you’ll encounter as part of the Atomic Heart main story is the ‘Not a Password at All’ locked door, which requires some extra work to find the code.

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How to figure out the Not a Password at All code in Atomic Heart

As you approach the end of your time in the Theatre you’ll encounter a rare pattern lock that prevents you from progressing. Pattern locks are the hardest lock to break in Atomic Heart, as they require a specific pattern to be inputted which is almost impossible to guess.

Speaking to the talking corpse just outside of the locked door will reveal that the electrician is the only person who knows the code. You can find the electrician by heading back the way you came past the kitchen and then going through the door directly in front of you as you exit into the room with the large comedy and tragedy masks on the wall.

Atomic Heart Not A Password At All Code To Unlock Door Schematic Location

The code to solve ‘The Not a Password At All’ puzzle in Atomic Heart. Screenshot by PC Invasion

The electrician’s talking corpse will be in the corner of one of the rooms found through this door. When spoken to he’ll mention a code: One five zero six. However, this code is a red herring, and instead you want to look at the schematics to the left of his body.

The schematics reveal that the Not a Password at All code in Atomic Heart involves lighting up the top dots on the top row and the left-sided dot on the bottom row. Head back to the locked door and input this code. Once inputted successfully, the door will unlock and you can continue on with the mission.

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