Atomic Heart: Polygon 11 Testing Ground guide

Atomic Heart Polygon 11 Testing Ground Guide

Players looking to get the most out of their weapons will need to find recipes to upgrade them. These upgrades can transform a weapon from mediocre to unstoppable, so it’s important they get unlocked. Most weapon upgrades can be found in the various testing grounds found throughout Facility 3826. Here’s our guide on how to complete Polygon 11 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart.

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Polygon 11 Testing Ground: Atomic Heart guide

Testing Ground 11 can be found on the east side of the starting island close to the large bridge that leads to the Titan statue. You’ll pass by this area naturally as you progress through the story after you’ve explored The Theatre.

The entrance to Testing Ground 11 is located inside a small building that looks like a saferoom found northwest of the bridge. However, to enter the building you need to unlock the door, which requires a Key Disk.

Getting inside

The required Key Disk can be found in an enclosed area northwest of Testing Ground 11. To enter this area you need to zipline down from Hawk 01 located nearby. To do so, you’ll want to head up to the station tower and hack the camera system to open Hawk 01’s terminal door.

Polygon 11 Atomic Heart Hawk 01 Terminal

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once the terminal door is open, head inside and select ‘Hawk Maintenance.’ Hawk 01 will then descend, giving you an opportunity to climb onto it and have it carry you into the sky. At its peak, Hawk 01 will reveal a zipline that you can slide down to enter the enclosed area.

The enclosed area consists of two buildings: a large one and a smaller one. Loot the various chests found in this area and then go to the smaller building. Here there will be a dead body with a Key Disk next to it. Pick up the Key Disk and then leave the enclosed area. You can either leave by unlocking the front door or jumping out by climbing onto the smaller building’s roof.

Polygon 11 Atomic Heart Key Disk Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

With the Key Disk obtained, you are now ready to access the Polygon 11 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart. Go back to Testing Ground 11 and interact with the door. The Key Disk will be used automatically and the door will open.

Bronze Chest

Enter the first chamber and you’ll find a mixture of revolving rooms and magnets. Start out by setting the first valve to 3 and then climbing up onto the blue platform with an open door. On the other side of the door, there will be a long platform of blue magnets straight ahead. Jump on these magnets and then use Shok on the ceiling magnets to raise the platform.

Look back toward the door you came through and you should see a platform with a valve to the left of it. Jump to this platform using both a well-timed jump and dodge. Now on the platform, you need to set this valve to 1 and then reascend up the blue magnet platform as you did before.

Polygon 11 Bronze Chest Blue Room

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You can now enter the yellow room by walking across the blue magnet platform. In the yellow room, drop down to the bottom floor and head through the open door. Then climb onto another blue magnet platform on your immediate left after going through the door. Use Shok on the ceiling magnets to ascend.

After ascending, you’ll see a valve in front of you. Set this valve to 1 and then jump into the green room straight ahead. Use Shok on the ceiling magnets to lower a platform on the left side of the green room. Jump onto the platform and use Shok on the ceiling magnets again to ascend. You’ll now be on the other side of the green room where you’ll see a platform straight ahead. Jump onto this platform and then through the gap in the fence to reach the red room.

Polygon 11 Bronze Chest Red Room

Screenshot by PC Invasion

To complete the red room, all you have to do is raise the magnet platform using Shok and then jump and dodge through the open door on the wall. Drop down on the other side and follow the path around until you reach the Bronze chest. Open the Bronze Chest to unlock the Kalash – Expansive Converter and finish the first section of the Polygon 11 Testing Ground.

Silver Chest

You’ll encounter the next puzzle in a large frozen room with two boilers located at the far end. It is advised to clear the room of as many enemies as possible before starting this puzzle. Once the room is cleared, you need to use telekinesis to guide heated candles through the pipes and into the boiler.

Polygon 11 Silver Chest Right Boiler

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The right boiler is easy to do. Head to the candle box and feed a candle into the glass pipe right next to the box. Then use telekinesis to guide the candle along the pipe all the way to the boiler. Once the candle is fed into the top of the boiler, it will heat up.

For the second boiler, you need to climb up onto the roof of the first house next to the entrance you came through. From the roof, jump across onto the platform ahead and then into the hole in the roof of the second house.

Clear this area of robots and then pick up a candle from the box and feed it into the glass pipe next to the box. Use telekinesis to guide the candle through the pipe and the window. Finally, unlock the front door and continue to guide the candle into the left boiler. Once the candle is fed into the top of the boiler, it will heat up.

Polygon 11 Silver Chest Left Boiler Platforming

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Go through the large door that will have opened and follow the path around. At the end of this path, you’ll find the Silver Chest which can be opened to unlock the MP – Thermal Imager. Congratulations, you have now finished the second section of the Polygon 11 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart.

Gold Chest

Although the gold chest puzzle isn’t overly difficult, it is the most finicky of the three. This room uses revolving rooms again, but this time they revolve on their own. You need to throw a candle into one of the empty opposite candle slots to slow down how fast the rooms rotate.

To find a candle, head into the smaller room on the right. You’ll be able to go underneath this room and look up to see a candle on the wall. You need to time it to grab this candle with telekinesis as the room rotates.

Polygon 11 Gold Chest Brown Platform Candle

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Take this candle back to the first set of rotating rooms. Just as a rotation finishes, you need to run forward and then throw the candle over the fence and hope that it lands in one of the free candle slots. Doing so will slow down the rate at which the rooms rotate.

With the rooms now rotating slower, you should be able to run across and dash through the door before the rotation finishes. If you are struggling, then there is a second candle just beyond where you found the first candle which can be used to make this easier. However, it is not required, and some well-timed platforming should get the job done.

Polygon 11 Gold Chest Candle Throw Rotating Rooms

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Finishing the Polygon 11 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart

With the puzzle solved, you can now follow the path around as with the previous puzzles. In a room near the end of the path, you’ll find the Gold Chest which can be opened to unlock the KS-23 – Damper-Polymeric Stock and the Fat Boy – Homing Projectiles. You can leave the Polygon 11 Testing Ground through the elevator where you’ll emerge into Atomic Heart‘s open world.

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