A Kickstarter is in progress for a Tropico-in-Fallout’s-wasteland type building sim by the name of Atomic Society. It’s seeking just under $100,000 USD in funding to make that happen.

    Following in the footsteps of smaller-scale ‘community’ sized building sims like Banished, Atomic Society would cast you as a former government official who survived World War III and is now in charge of organising a new town in the post-apocalypse. In a Tropico-like fashion, you’ll have to appease and juggle specific groups and factions who may not get along well with others.

    Religious extremists, potential murderers, and various social undesirables will all be attracted to your budding community, bringing all sorts of moral and ethical dilemmas with them. It may seem straightforward to imprison, rehabilitate or even execute a murderer; but all of these options require some scarce resources and, in a practical sense, could cost you a much-needed worker. Allow the person free, however, and they may just carry on killing.

    Atomic Society is promising over 40 different personality types who will interact with one another. “Every law you enact in Atomic Society causes a ripple effect. Your choices will visibly affect how your people live and what gameplay challenges you will face.”

    Here’s a narrated video giving a further overview of the project.

    Peter Parrish

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