IncGamers caught up with Ryan Day and Neil Starr from Welsh Rockers Attack! Attack! to talk about their appearance in the upcoming Guitar Hero 5. How did the Guitar Hero deal come about? Did Activision contact you or did you get in touch with them?Ryan: They got in touch with us after the MIDEM conference this year (MIDEM is a music industry talent-spotting event which held Guitar Hero ‘auditions’ this year). And basically we were told that they wanted us in the new game.So were you picked out of a group of acts? How many bands were competing?Ryan: Yeah, there were about two hundred bands, I think…Neil: There were a lot of bands who wanted to get into the game. Obviously, it’s a very high profile game and it’s an honour to be in it.Do you guys have any experience with the Guitar Hero games? Had you played them before?Ryan: We’ve always been big fans of the game and we play a lot on tour. We’ve had Guitar Hero 2 in the van for a long time, but we’ve recently started playing World Tour.So who’s the best in the band at World Tour?Ryan: Ah, I think I’d have to say Neil.Neil: Yeah, me. Our drummer Mike is pretty good, too.Do you swap instruments, or do you have to stick with what you play in the band?Ryan: No, we swap.So how many Attack Attack songs are in the game?Ryan: Just the one, it’s called “You and Me.”Is this the single that was out earlier in the year?Ryan: Yes, it’s our first single and…I think it came out a few months ago.Now, for some of the bands featured in the game, there are digital likenesses on screen. Will you be appearing in digital form?Ryan: No, sadly not. Although it’s probably for the best, you don’t want to SEE us in the game.Neil: As long as you can hear us…Ryan: It’s weird enough just seeing the graphics in the game as our songs are playing.Some musicians have been critical of Guitar Hero and Rock Band – like Bill Wyman and Axl Rose – saying that they discourage kids from picking up real musical instruments. What do you make of that?Ryan: This coming from a guy who took sixteen years to release an album! It’s cool – a bit of fun and it gets people more involved in wanting to play the real thing.And with World Tour’s track editor you can make your own compositions so it’s getting more creative…Ryan: Exactly, and you can do that in the new game too.Have you had a chance to play your song through in Guitar Hero 5 yet?Ryan: Yes, we’ve played it.And how was it? Was it weird for you?Ryan: Yeah, it was pretty funny. It’s strange at first but it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it? And music’s supposed to be about fun, after all.Neil: I find it a bit nerve-wracking to be honest. All your mates want to take you on and then they beat you and say “well you can’t even win on your own song!”So what’s next for the band? I hear you had a track feature in 90210…Ryan: Yeah, that’s been and gone. It was the same song, “You and Me.” It was one of the first big TV shows that featured one of our songs.And that’s a big show in the States, isn’t it?Ryan: Yeah, it’s a really big show.So did that raise your profile across the pond?Ryan: Oh, yeah no doubt about it.Have you toured over there yet?Ryan: We did a few shows at the South by Southwest festival. We played one of the stages out there and we’re hoping to go out there and tour properly next time.Stay tuned for our Guitar Hero 5 review later today. 

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