Aurelion Sol rework leads new Teamfight Tactics 12.13 patch

The stars align.
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Teamfight Tactics‘ new 12.13 patch is live, and fans of the Astral trait and Aurelion Sol are going to be very pleased. Leading the major changes of this new patch are a set of Astral buffs, including an extensive Aurelion Sol rework that will make fans of the niche dragon happy. Aurelion Sol is a 10-cost unit with a 5-cost rarity so, naturally, players should expect the unit to deliver a great deal of power. Frankly speaking, he was not very good and needed a change to his kit.

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Aurelion Sol will keep the core identity of his kit, which is summoning black holes underneath enemies and dealing damage. However, Aurelion Sol is getting pushed into a larger utility role. Aurelion Sol will summon a black hole underneath a random enemy, which implodes after two seconds. This will deal plenty of magic damage (which has also been buffed) but, more importantly, enemies who are hit by Aurelion Sol’s attack will now receive 20% more damage.


Astral is stronger

Additionally, Astral as a trait is getting stronger as well. The Astral trait releases loot and fixes the shop to drop more Astral units, which made it an easy way to field 3-star units. However, the Astral trait was individually weak as a whole. Units within the Astral trait had poor synergy and, overall, Astral was generally not very strong. This buff increases the Ability Power given to your team for running the Astral trait. Additionally, units commonly used when playing Astrals, namely Nami and Lillia, also get individual buffs.

Legend Volibear and Revel Cannoneers have been running the meta throughout all of the last patch, so these units and traits will get a nerf as well. Assassin Sy’fen was also dominating the meta, so the Assassin trait is getting a big nerf. There are other champions and traits getting buffed, and you can read the full patch notes from Riot Games here. At the end of the day, though, we should feel blessed that Assassin Sy’fen will no longer one-shot our backline. You can check out Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.13 and the Aurelion Sol rework today.

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