Encouraging news in the long-running Australian videogames classification saga, as federal and state governments agree “in principle” to introduce an R18+ rating.
    This would mean games like Left 4 Dead 2 would finally be legally available in Australia in an uncensored form. However, games containing “extreme violence” (whatever that ends up being defined as) may still miss the R18+ cut and be banned from sale.
    Federal Justice Minister Brendan O’Connor expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement, saying “The introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games will provide better advice to parents and help prevent children and teenagers from accessing unsuitable material”.
    The Adelaide meeting of Australian Attorneys-General found all parties voting in favour of the proposal to introduce an R18+ rating, save for New South Wales who abstained.
    South Australia have previously suggested they will simply scrap the MA15+ rating in favour of a blanket R18+ to make all games from MA15+ upwards available for “adults only”.
    Source: abc.net.au

    Paul Younger
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