Hold onto your seats, Fortnite players! A group of gamers has just set a new world record for the most kills in a single game. An Austrailian Fortnite Squad made up of Fortitude_Fqrbes, Nexjs, tactjc-, and TTV_NadeXC managed to earn 25, 18, 10 and eight kills. This led to a grand total of 61, the highest number ever recorded so far. With a little dedication and hard work, these players proved it is possible to set a new record.


Video Proof

You can watch this all play out in the video below, and it is an impressive sight (there is some colorful language, however). The video as of today has close to 150k views. They began their run in the popular Tilted Towers and ended it in the hills near Tomato Temple. Tense moments ensued at the end, but they managed to pull off this incredible achievement.

Controversial Kills

Earlier this past summer, a somewhat controversial record was set for most kills in a single game (48) when one player went to a town where players had gathered to watch an in-game rocket viewing party. He literally destroyed the ramp the players had built to watch the rocket launch, sending them to their doom. Elemental_Ray set a new solo mode kills record of 48. People have watched that video 1.3 million times.

This goes down as the highest recorded kill count in squad mode across all platforms, and Fortnite does track kill records through the Fortnite Tracker. Cheating can happen, but Epic Games recently purchased the anti-cheat firm Kamu. That’s good news for players who play the game honestly.

Fortnite typically categorizes its world records into separate platforms and game modes. The previous overall squad kill records were 59 for both PC and console. This, however, goes down as the first known time that a single squad has broken the 60-kill mark (good thing it was recorded).

Now that this group has set the bar, who will beat their record? Only time will tell, and I am sure players will now be aiming to set their own new Fortnite world records. Good luck players, and congratulations to these individuals.


Tarah Bleier
Tarah Bleier is a freelance writer, editor and content creator from Toronto. She currently actively writes for, Daily Esports, Nintendo Enthusiast, PC Invasion, Flixist and Outright Geekery. As a graduate from Centennial College’s Journalism program, she has also written for Tribute.ca, Factinate.com and recently for Geek Enthusiast Magazine. In her free time, she loves gaming, cosplaying, prop making and attending as many conventions and geeky events as she can.

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