We know next to nothing about its gameplay or content but a politician in Australia is already calling for GTA V to be banned. It’s not just GTA V either, all entries in Rockstar’s mega-franchise should see the ban hammer struck upon them.
The predictable stance is being taken by New South Wales’ attorney general Greg Smith, who wants to ban all games featuring sexual and/or violent content. Speaking to Australia’s Channel Seven, Smith pulls the ever-popular classic attack on GTA: the prostitute scenario.
“[GTA] involves a prostitute giving sexual favours for money to a man in a car and then when she gets out he gets out and, with a semi-automatic rifle, shoots her dead. What good does that do anybody?”
Australia are set to introduce an 18+ rating for videogames. The lack of such a thing in the past has seen many games fall foul of the ratings board down under. Despite voting in favour of bringing in such a classification, Smith now wants all games that would fall into that category banned from the country.
Here’s a question, what happened to people being just plain crazy? Why is it that whenever a violent act is committed nowadays, it’s videogames that get it in the neck? Before games it was rap music, before rap it was rock, before rock it was TV. What happened to people being crazy? Is that not a ‘thing’ anymore?
Before you make your own mind up as to whether or not it should be banned, you might want to at least check out the GTA V trailer. You may also be interested in our thoughts on what the trailer revealed (or didn’t reveal).
Thanks: Kotaku Australia

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