The Deceptive Marketing of Video Games

Video games are often marketed through the press and through popular YouTubers and streamers, but these relationships often aren’t made clear. This deception only hurts you, the video game consumer.

Review: A Second Look at Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V launched with limited content but an excellent core fighting system. After several months of updates, Street Fighter V is finally starting to feel like a complete game.

How Review Sites Score Games

In this article, we break down review scores from major review websites to see how they’re used and to figure out what, in the end, they mean.

Blood and Wine: A Completionist Review

Blood and Wine is more lighthearted and fun than its predecessors, but it still packs a great central story, loads of new content and features, and the beautiful new realm of Toussaint to explore.

Overwatch Review for PC

With fun and fresh gameplay and excellent hero design, Overwatch is the most compelling multiplayer shooter experience in years.

Will Battlefield 1 Rewrite The First World War?

Battlefield 1’s focus on individual action is a stark contrast to the popular view of the First World War as somber, hellish and pointless. And it raises the question: will Battlefield 1 try to rewrite this narrative?

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