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Fortnite might be getting sus with a new game mode “heavily inspired” by Among Us, but that can’t stop Epic Games’ weekly streak of free games. The Epic Games Store releases a free game or two every week, and we’re getting the resource management game Automachef this time. You’ll “enginner tomorrow’s kitchen” through designing and programming machinery.

It’s your goal to create a completely automated kitchen here, opening a fully-automated restaurant. The arrangement of your machines acts as a puzzle, where you’ll have to carefully place and adjust your kitchen tools to create an assembly line of food. It’s a challenging, delicious adventure, and it’ll be free.


Let’s get cooking

Developed by Hermes Interactive and published by Team17 games, this simple puzzle game has a couple ways for you to play. There are campaign levels, a “contracts mode,” as well as an endless sandbox test mode. You can create different foods like hamburger buns or cheese, before sending them down a line of different kitchen tools to create the meal you need. Want some finely chopped cheese? You can place a food processor next to your “food dispenser” and send it down the conveyor belt.

But be careful, there are lots of things to consider when creating your kitchen. You’re limited by cash and power, as well as the kitchen space itself. There’s even an ingredient limit, where making too much food hurts your bottom line. There are ways to manage all of this, and that’s where the game can get especially challenging.

If you don’t think you want to be the next best automated chef, there’s other offerings on the Epic Games Store for free this week that can occupy your time instead. The platformer Yooka-Laylee and comic book-y FPS Void Bastards are free until August 26. Meanwhile, for our prospective chef-plus-engineers, Automachef will be free through the Epic Games Store starting August 26, until September 2.

Automachef Epic Games Store

There’s robots too!

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