Aven Colony modding: “we’re not ruling anything out”

Aven Colony modding: “we’re not ruling anything out”

City building titles like Cities: Skylines have thrived with modding, so as part of our recent interview I asked about the possibility with Aven Colony. Mothership’s Paul Tozour isn’t ruling it out, but short-term the prospects don’t sound all that promising.

“We absolutely see the value in it [and] … it’s something we would like to make happen if we can,” Tozour says. However, at the moment Aven Colony depends on some middleware that would prevent modding tools being handed out to players (because they, in turn, would presumably need a license for that software).

“In the long run, we’re not ruling anything out entirely, and we may drop that middleware later this year if we can do so,” Tozour adds, offering a glimmer of hope. While mods may be off the table, Mothership are going to continue to support Aven Colony with official releases. “Our goal is to support Aven Colony as much as we can for as long as we can, and we’re hard at work on additional content right now,” he says.

More details about that will be shared with the community in future. You can read the full Q&A interview here, and our review of Aven Colony here.

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