Award Winning Horror Puzzle Game ‘whispering Willows’ Screams Its Way Onto Pc And Ouya

Narrative-driven horror experience coming to Ouya on may 27 and PC on June 17

Whispering Willows, a horror puzzle game from Night Light Interactive that features beautiful 2D visuals and a haunting, well-spun narrative, will be launching on OUYA on May 27. Additionally, the game will be available on Steam on June 17.

In Whispering Willows, players will take on the role of Elena, a young girl with the extraordinary power to project her spirit outside of her body, as she explores the shadowy, atmospheric world of the Willows Estate. As a spirit unbound by physical form, Elena can traverse otherwise-unsurmountable obstacles and interact with other ghosts to piece together the dark history of the house – but she will have to use both her spectral and physical forms in order to solve puzzles, navigate through the sinister estate, and find her lost father.

The game has already won a number of honors for its atmosphere and story, including winning the Seattle Indie Gaming Competition in 2014 and the Cerebral Indie Developer Grant in 2013. Whispering Willows also placed as a finalist in the Captivate Conference Game Design Competition, and won “Most Immersive” at the 2013 OUYA CREATE Game Jam.

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