For any Super Metroid fans who’ve spent their time gazing enviously at Axiom Verge on the PS4 and wondering when the PC release would happen – the answer is May. 14 May, specifically.

    That news comes sort-of-directly from the Axiom Verge twitter account, which links to a different site confirming the PC release date. The upshot being that this all seems pretty signed and official.

    Honestly, since it was a Sony exclusive up to this point I’ve not been closely following Axiom Verge. But the internet chatter is that it does Super Metroid (and more besides) extremely well. The critical response seems to broadly match those views.

    The launch trailer below is obviously PlayStation branded, but gives a pretty good look at the game’s visual design and motion. To my eye, it looks like a neat intersection of 8-bit and 16-bit styles.

    Here’s the game’s Steam page, which (at the time of writing) hasn’t been updated with the release date. Whether it’ll be available through platforms other than Steam isn’t yet clear.

    Peter Parrish

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