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Children of the Worm, the second expansion for Back 4 Blood, was announced earlier today with a release date of August 30. Along with a brand-new character, players can expect new skins, weapons, and accessories. And that’s not all, as there will also be a new Act featuring an “epic showdown with a fierce new enemy threat.”

The big inclusion in this expansion is the new cleaner, “Prophet” Dan. We don’t know too much about him, other than he’s a self-proclaimed preacher with a snazzy mustache. At first glance, it’s fair to say that he’ll work nicely with the already eccentric cast of Back 4 Blood.


Other than the new character, Children of the Worm brings a few other treats for Back 4 Blood players. To start things off, eight new character skins will be available. These skins range from quirky outfits like a baseball uniform to punk rock outfits and tactical military gear. Alongside that, 12 weapon skins will be available to help you personalize your loadout a bit more. Plus, more weapons, accessories, and skill cards are on the way. For now, we only know about the Lockjaw sniper and the Bear Trap, as far as new weapons go. A new series of enemies can be seen as well, which look to be bandits with guns of their own. If that’s the case, they could spice up the gameplay quite a bit.

Back 4 Blood Children Of The Worm Second Expansion

More content for Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is getting a fair bit of additional content with Children of the Worm. It’s also worth noting that only one person in a party needs to own the expansion for everyone to play it together. So, if you’ve got a dedicated group for Back 4 Blood, you can save some money by just having one person own it. But apart from what we’ve covered, there isn’t much else known about the upcoming expansion. We should find out more information about Children of the Worm as we approach its August 30 release date.

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