I love everything about this image.

While watching the launch trailer for Shelter, Might & Delight’s badger-cub nurturing sim, it struck me that this is basically The Animals of Farthing Wood: The Game. Maybe with a bit of Watership Down thrown in there for good measure. Basically, all of that young adult literature featuring woodland creatures in peril.

If you have any empathy for those sorts of tales at all, Shelter may be a tough game for you to make it through without getting a bit of dust in your eye. As a badger mother, you must protect and feed your cubs, while guiding them through a dangerous (and wonderfully stylised) world. It looks great, but also looks like it may well contain dangerously high levels of emotion.

See what you think when watching the trailer. The game is out today and costs $10.00 USD ($9.00 USD at GOG for a limited time.)

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