It’s all going a bit Tales of the River Bank over in Torchlight 2 with the addition of a badger and owl pet in the latest patch to hit the action RPG title. The two critter pals are part of the newly-released 1.17 patch, which also adds Russian and Polish language options, along with a whole host of general fixes.

Here’s a run-down of the most pertinent ones:

  • Several spelling errors fixed
  • Dimensions fixed on one texture
  • A lot of internal fixes to support translations better, and copy-pasting of cyrillic characters and use of IME
  • Characters with certain special characters in their names won’t fail to save
  • Attacks that deal weapon% no longer give bonus crit for values over 100%
  • Missiles with an AoE were not properly taking into account some untargetable states
  • Run speed bonuses were sometimes added twice
  • Fixed Trillbot achievement quest

For the full list, head over to Runic’s forums where the patch notes are spelled out in detail. For even more Torchlight goodness, head over to the Torchlight IncGamers community.

Most importantly, though: badgers.

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