Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is “targeting” 28 November release date

The release date for Overhaul Games’ ‘Enhanced Edition’ of Baldur’s Gate has travelled hither and yon in the past few months, but now seems broadly settled on 28 November (bumped up slightly from 30 November). That’s the PC date, anyway. Mac, iOS and Android dates are out of Overhaul’s hands, but should follow shortly afterwards.

How isBaldur’s Gate to be enhanced, you may ask? Well, Overhaul is claiming over 400 different improvements (though let’s be honest, some of those are going to be quite minor). The biggies are some new characters, new locations, an improved interface that supports widescreen and higher resolutions, matchmaking for multiplayer, and the removal of a host of kinks from the original source code.

You can read more about the improvements list, here.

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