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Oh, hello there. I really must meet your tailor.

Since its creation on the SomethingAwful forums, the Slender Man myth has taken off in surprising ways. The cheerful (not cheerful,) beanpole chap in the dark suit has long since escaped his original confines as a pretend urban legend in various photoshopped images, and can now be found as far and wide as the eerie Marble Hornets web series and in late-night mentions on freedom-n-UFOS-n-guns loving radio show Coast to Coast AM.

So why not a videogame? In fact, why not about a billion hopeful videogames clogging up Steam’s greenlight system? Slender Man knock-offs are easy to find, but Slender: The Arrival claims to be the “official” game of the made-up myth. Since it has the guy who made the first photoshops (Eric “Victor Surge” Knudsen) and the Marble Hornets folks involved, I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable assertion.

The game is available now on Steam (with a temporary 20% discount,) and pits you as the unwitting Laura. Laura is just looking for her friend Kate, but instead will find “voices, cryptic messages, deadly apparitions and horrific insights” and probably some weird, paranormal screen distortion effects too. Basically, it’s the perfect title for Tim to play/cower at following his adventures with Outlast. He may not agree with me on this, but it is the truth.

Thanks to its Steamification, Slender: The Arrival now has cloud saves, trading cards, achievements and a brand new ending.

‘Enjoy’ some alarming screenshots from the first-person game-of-the-myth, below.


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