Banished Mod Toolkit Beta released

banished mod kit

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here for Banished players who want to tinker with the medieval city builder.

Banished developer Luke Hodorowicz has knuckled down and finally released the mod kit for Banished which should open the game up to new possibilities. This is a beta so there’s bound to be issues but it’s fantastic news for fans who have been itching to get creative with the game.

To access the kit, Steam users beed to make sure they have opted in for the 1.0.4 Beta, and if you purchased the game elsewhere then the is required. This needs to be extracted into the gane folder preserving the directory structure. You only need that zip if you didn’t purchase the game through Steam.

The Mod Kit is a separate download which can be picked up here. Luke advises that the Kit is extracted to a folder outside of the game files which will be the place where you work on the mods.

The Kit comes with a few examples which show how to add buildings, professions, new crops, animals, trees and more.

While Banished was a reasonably solid city builder it was lacking in features so with any luck the community can now extend the game.

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