Banished release date announcement soon – City builder slightly behind schedule


The one man development studio Shining Rock Entertainment is currently working on the fantastic looking medieval city builder Banished and there’s been an update on it’s progress

Luke Hodorowicz, who’s behind the game, brings an update on the game’s progress and although the plan was to get the game released by the end of this month, it appears it’s going to take a little bit longer.

The good news is that the game is now pretty stable and he’s “really happy with the way testing and debugging the game has progressed”.

Luke is now working on some of the tutorials and says that a release candidate will be built once that work is complete. Other than that installers for non-Steam builds will need to be created and tested. Once that is done further stability testing will be carried out and of course remaining bug squashing.

The estimated release date of late 2013 has slipped slightly according to Luke but he says that the release won’t be  “be too far behind”. He goes on to say that he  “should be able to announce an official date soon”.

In a year that’s been void of any decent city building titles, Banished could be a breath of fresh air. We’re all hankering after something new and exciting that will capture the essence of the city building genre.

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