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Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot of Tryggvi while I was playing, so here’s a disgruntled townsman instead.

Developers Stoic have announced that anybody who picks up The Banner Saga before its release date of 14 January will get an additional character named Tryggvi to add to your turn-based skirmishing forces. Tryggvi was in the preview code that I took a look at, so I can report that he’s a human spearman and quite handy in a fight (spearmen can attack diagonally, for one thing.)

It’s a bit disappointing that he won’t be present for some people, actually, as I’m now not sure how the particular skirmish where he’s introduced will play out. Maybe he’ll just be replaced by Generic Spearman Viking Guy.

Kickstarter backers will automatically receive Tryggvi in their copies of The Banner Saga, which is good because they would otherwise have justifiable cause to be quite annoyed.

The game is on sale now through popular digital services like Steam, GOG and Gamers Gate. It’s priced at $25.00 USD, but you can find it knocked down to $20.00 USD in the pre-release period at some places.

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