Farming Manager

I remember when this was all fields.

Excalibur Publishing, kings of the simulator genre, have announced that Farming Manager will be coming to the PC on 18 October. It looks a little more Sim City than Football Manager, but that’s no bad thing really. You start off with little more than a collapsing, water-damaged farm house and have to turn yourself into (presumably) an agri-business to be reckoned with.

To do that, you’ll have to partake in the usual town/city builder type activities. Namely investing in good personnel, buying new buildings and expanding how many fields you’re tending to. You can also renovate your house, invest in dairy cows, buy new tractors and generally spruce the place up a bit.

While you do all of that, Farming Manager will throw random events like gambling debts and vet bills at you. Plus tax, of course. That’s not so much a random event as a legal requirement. But if you’re able to adapt to the seasons, plan a sensible crop policy and manage to understand the latest DEFRA legislation (probably,) then you should be fine. Farming Manager will cost £25.00 GBP at launch.

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