Batman: Arkham City will not feature console-exclusive characters

Rocksteady confirm that all editions of the game will feature the exact same character set.
Remember Batman: Arkham Asylum alllowed you to play as Joker in the ‘Challenge Rooms’, but only if you were playing on PS3? That was a cool feature… as long as you owned a PS3.
Here’s some good news for everybody, then. Batman: Arkham City will be identical across all versions, no exclusive characters, maps, gadgets or whatever else exists in Batman-world. 
We asked Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn whether or not any other playable characters will join the already announced trio of Batman, Robin and Catwoman, and whether or not they would be console-specific: 
“Yes, those are the only characters,” said Ginn. “The Joker exclusive thing was strictly Arkham Asylum only.”
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