Batman: Arkham Knight To Remain Broken Until ‘Spring’

Those of you who’ve been holding onto Rocksteady’s word that they’d be fixing Batman: Arkham Knight – which launched pretty broken on PC – you might not want to hold your breath. They’re still fixing it – just maybe not this season.

Kotaku Australia got hold of an email that was sent out to the staff of retailer EB Games Australia that said the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight would not be fixed until “Spring.” Now, this is where things get a bit vague: are they talking about Australian spring time, or North American spring time? Australia’s spring is just two months away, and that doesn’t sound too bad, all things considered.

It seems very possible that they’re talking about North America’s spring time, since EB Games has shipped all of their stock of PC copies of Arkham Knight back to their friendly neighborhood Warner, but we’re hoping that isn’t the case. What Rocksteady has provided so far is a band-aid solution to the problems, but what’s going on with Batman: Arkham Knight for PC is a rather big gash that can’t be covered that easily.

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