The designer of forthcoming Wii game Batman: The Brave and the Bold has told IncGamers the title will utilise Wi-Fi technology, stating it’s used in ‘surprisingly very few games’.
The game allows players to connect a DS to the Wii, enabling those using the portable handheld to control Scrappy Doo-like character Bat-Mite on the Wii screen.
When asked what technology the two systems will use to ‘talk’ to each other, Adam Tierney, WayForward Designer/Director of Batman the Brave and the Bold told IncGamers: “It’s actually via WiFi. So unlike infra-red, which would require the player to keep the two systems pointed directly at one another, the player maintains a solid wireless connection as long as both systems are in the same room. This technology is built into the two systems by Nintendo, and surprisingly very few games have actually taken advantage of it.”
Discussing the game’s control method, Tierney revealed players will make use of the DS stylus when manoeuvring Bat-Mite: “Players owning a copy of Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame on both Nintendo DS and Wii can connect the two games wirelessly to bring Bat-Mite into the Wii game as a playable character, controlling him via the Nintendo DS with the stylus. Bat-Mite can fly anywhere onscreen, vanish and reappear at will, and drop four different items: health, energy, an anvil, and a bomb. Just like he is in the cartoon and comic books, Bat-Mite is pretty mischievous in our game. So it’s up to the player controlling him whether to help their friends out, or annoy them. Bombs and anvils work on both heroes and villains.”
The Wayware designer also confirmed what will appear on the DS screen when controlling the character on the Wii, revealing that each Bat-Mite item drop will have a refill bar.
“The DS screens show his current screen position, and meters of the four items he can drop,” said Tierney. “To encourage the player to try all items (and prevent them from spamming health or energy), each item has a refill time. So once the player has dropped an item, a little red bar must refill over the course of a few seconds before that item can be used again.”

Paul Younger
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