Telltale Batman Shadows Edition

Last week was a surprising one for those that watched The Game Awards. Along with other key announcements, it was revealed that The Wolf Among Us 2 is officially back. And with that comes Telltale Games as well, with some help from LCG Entertainment. But it isn’t wasting any time with its return.

Today, Batman Shadows Edition came out, bringing players back to one of Telltale’s biggest franchises. It combines Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within into one huge adventure — but with a shadowy twist.

Spread the word, Telltale has returned

There’s a new Shadows mode, which offers a shadowy appearance to the game. It combines grey with the lightest tinges of color, along with a grainy, comic-book style appearance. It’s part of the game’s $30 price, though current owners of Batman games can snag it for just $4.99.

This ties in with Telltale’s overall return to the market. In an interview with DualShockers, Chief Revenue Officer Brian Waddle explained this is just the beginning.

While “excited” to bring Batman into the fold, Waddle explained there’s more to come. He noted that the publisher has “a much more expansive plan” when it comes to bringing back certain titles. This includes a large “catalog of Telltale Games” classics, though specific games weren’t revealed just yet. We’ll learn more in the months ahead, though.

For now, Batman Shadows Edition looks to be a promising kick back to the company’s storytelling style. Here’s hoping other games follow suit with a similar approach.

Both games are worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of Telltale’s style of storytelling. And come on — who doesn’t want to play a classic Batman adventure in black and white? That’s the best way to go!

Check out the trailer for Shadows Edition below, and buy it now on Steam.

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