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“Is Arkham Knight coming out this year?” “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-NAH, Batman.”

The latest audio-visual presentation pertaining to Batman: Arkham Knight shows the Batmobile and a release date change. Until today, Batman: Arkham Knight was said to be coming in the rather crowded October 2014 period. The end of this new trailer now says 2015.

That’ll perhaps be disappointing for eager Batman players, especially with the number of other titles (such as The Witcher 3) moving to 2015. But it also means the game will avoid sharing a release window with Shadow of Mordor (another Warner title,) Alien: Isolation and, potentially, a new Assassin’s Creed to name just three. Whether that was the impetus for moving the release date is not known, but Arkham Knight will now be coming out next year.

When it does, you’ll be driving around the subject of this video: the Batmobile. It apparently has missile barrage and crowd-control capabilities (those aren’t the same thing, Batman isn’t quite that psychotic,) plus some lovely cup holders. Probably. We’ll be seeing more from the Batmobile at E3.

There are four new screenshots at large as well, which you can see just under the trailer.

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