Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 is a WWII themed first-person shooter. The game has been under development by indie studio Bulkhead Interactive and supported by publisher, Square Enix. Further support continues as the game will today receive a massive update boasting over “thousands” of bug fixes.

This is the biggest round of updates we’ve released for Battalion 1944 to date, and is the result of our mission to make the game as absorbing and captivating as it can possibly be,” says Joe Brammer – Studio Lead at Bulkhead Interactive.

The number of updates for Battalion 1944 is almost too long to list. Some of the biggest additions to accompany the 6.7GB download are the Wartide 2.0 game mode, new matchmaking UI, maps, and weapons. The update comes just months prior to the newly announced $50,000 tournament that will launch in late September.

Here are a few other key features in the update:

  • Major Performance Improvements for ALL Players
  • New Map ‘Savoia’
  • New Matchmaking System
  • New HQ Sound Engine
  • New Crystal Clear VOIP System
  • More Verticality In Level Design
  • New War Chest
  • New Free BattleRank
  • Rebalanced Weapons
  • Map Redesigns
  • New Character Models
  • Improved Hitboxes & Hit Detection
  • Fixed the “Corner Jump” meta
  • New Realistic Sound Effects
  • New HUD & UI

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