Activision Blizzard kotick leaves after deal report

If you’ve been having problems getting into Blizzard titles this evening, it’s due to a sustained DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the servers.

There’s a lengthy thread on the subject over on Blizzard’s forums, and support staff are providing periodic updates on the situation throughout said thread. The latest (at the time of writing, anyway), is that the company claim to have most of the disruptive incoming traffic under control.

According to support staff, EU connectivity should be sorted, with the US side of things still undergoing some major strain.

“It looks like EU attacks are currently over. We’re still monitoring and anticipating that things could kick up again, but it looks like we’re seeing positive reports with login and gameplay at the moment,” they say, adding “US we’ve addressed over 50% of the current attack, and continue to work on addressing incoming traffic.”

So, if you’re trying to get in Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm or whathaveyou, it sounds like you’ll have more luck if you’re based in Europe. US players may have to wait it out this evening.

The usual cold blooded and scaly suspects are claiming responsibility for this one.

Update: Things move fast in the world of DDOS attacks, and Blizzard seem close to resolving this everywhere now, stating: “It looks like the majority of impact has resolved. Our engineers continue to monitor for any flare-ups, and some follow-up investigations are still ongoing.”

That could, of course, change if another major attack happens. For now though, it looks like players should be able to get back in their games.

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