Battle.Net Voice chat in alpha testing – This is what it looks like

Battle.Net Voice chat in alpha testing – This is what it looks like

Last October Blizzard revealed that voice chat was coming to the Battle.Net client in time for the Overwatch beta and today a test version has materialised.

Emails have just been sent out to testers and one of the World of Warcraft modders called MysticaOS decided to snap some shots to post on his Twitter account. The shots show the patch notes and some of the functionality of the client including friends lists and options. The notes also reveal that up to 99 users can be in a single channel.

Battle.Net users have been requesting a chat client for as long as we can remember and it’s great to see Blizzard finally adding it for their game. Whether it’s a good addition remains to be seen because not everyone enjoys listening to other players shouting down a mic even if it does improve team coordination.

The Overwatch open beta takes place between  5-9 May and the client should be available to the masses around that time.

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