June 19th, 2017

Battle.Net Voice Chat coming with Overwatch beta

Battle.Net Voice Chat coming with Overwatch beta

If  there was one Blizzard game that’s going to need voice chat functionality it’s Overwatch and Blizzard are just about ready to test their new feature.

Blizzard will be launching the first iteration of a new Battle.Net Voice Chat system when the Overwatch beta kicks off next week on the 27th. Blizzard revealed the news on an update on the official site which also included a few notes about the new chat system.

For now Battle.Net Voice Chat will only be available in Overwatch, it will not be rolled out for any other Blizzard games because they say it’s too early in the testing stages to decide what games would receive the functionality. The testing will also only take place during the Overwatch beta, there are no plans to test is outside of that period.

There’s no further details on what to expect with the chat system yet and we’ll likely have to wait until the beta finally launches to find out if it’s any good. At least we can look forward to getting screamed at by other team members. What joy.

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