IncGamers recently got the chance to sit down with the Product Manager for the upcoming fantasy MMO Battle of the Immortals, Jonathan Belliss, where we quizzed him on a number of things people might like to know about the game. What are the main attractions to Battle of the Immortals, what will players find in this game that is lacking elsewhere?

One of the biggest attractions and most commented feature is the gear including a special set of gear called Soul Gear. Battle of the Immortals takes bling to the next level with meticulous detail in every set of armour with animation of gear moving in and out, up and down. Even when you’re idle or just hanging around in town, your character looks cool. The Soul Gear set is the ultimate gear that is unique to each class, which will even level up as you progress through the game.

What sort of age range is BoI likely to appeal to?

Battle of the Immortals is definitely aimed at the hardcore game player. Generally speaking, that tends to be gamers between the ages of 18 to 34. If they like games that focus on PvP and partying up in a group to take on tough challenges, this game is for them.

How do players progress through the game, with quests, PvP, exploring?

There are a number of ways to progress including storyline quests, side quests and instances. There are even some instances that have PvP where you won’t be the only party or parties competing for the main objective and ultimately take down the final boss.

When players aren’t out fighting monsters, what else is there to do?

There a lot of things to do in Battle of the Immortals and most can be done fighting monsters, including running certain instances where there is higher experience and better loot drops as well as capturing certain pets.

Will there be PvE/PvP servers, or will every server be PvP enabled? If so, is it possible to switch off PvP or are there safe zones?

Right now we only have PvP servers. PvP is enabled when players hit level 31 and there are specific zones for PvP, which we think suits the types of players coming into Battle of the Immortals.

What sort of character customisation is available in BoI?

Players have five classes to choose from including Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus and Slayer which have both male and female avatars. There are also options to change the face and hair colour as well as choosing a specific avatar of how you would like the world to see your character as. The real customization comes in with the gear sets.

What sort of items can players expect to buy in the game’s cash shop?

On top of the usual convenience and fashion items available in the cash shop, there are special items that are only available when purchased with bonus, salary and credit including special fashion and mounts. Something unique to Battle of the Immortals is salary, which basically pays you for staying in the game, which you can then spend in the appropriate section in the cash shop.

What features are there for guilds?

Joining a guild will give you access to the guild quest system, providing you with a bunch of quests that can only be done when part of a guild.  Completing these quests will reward you and your guild with contribution points, which in turn will help your guild level up.

What steps have you taken to prevent bots?

Bots are always a huge concern here at PWE.  We can’t go into detail about our system.  However we have a multi-layed anti-bot and fraud system that keeps all of our games about 95% clean and free of botters and gold farmers.

Currently actually, BoI has a built in bot system, however we’ll be removing it since most of our players feedback has been negative regarding the system.

Is the game available worldwide, and are there localised versions for non-English or Chinese speaking players?

There are different versions of Battle of the Immortals available, but players who come from the non-North American version will be very surprised at how much we’ve tailored Battle of the Immortals towards a North American audience. We’ve made substantial gameplay changes that Battle of the Immortals for all intents and purposes is a completely new game.

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