The Culling

The Culling released into Early Access in March 2016 and it’s going to be leaving Early Access this week.

On Friday 8 October the game will receive an update and it will also officially leave Early Access. The update according to developer Xaviant will add new cosmetics, bug fixes, and tweaks.

Golden weapons which come from match events inside crates. Mid-match events will deliver tier 3 golden weapons and late match events will deliver tier 4 golden weapons. These new weapons come with a “twist” but won’t guarantee a win for the player who secured them. A full list of these weapons can be seen below.

The final release of The Culling is promising “more polish, fewer bugs, and the addition of achievements on the PC version, and more.”

The battle royale landscape has changed a lot since The Culling appeared and it looked quite promising (see preview and PC Invasion Plays) when it first appeared. Since the launch of PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds and now Fortnite’s Battle Royale, it looks like Xaviant has struggled to keep pace with development and player numbers. It’s becoming really competitive, and if you look at comments on the Steam page, these two other titles appear to have had quite an impact on The Culling’s active player base.

Xaviant will be hoping that pushing the game out to a final release and fixing the game’s issues can revitalise the community.

The Culling Golden Weapons

  • Bleeding Blade A legendary sword so sharp, it cuts so deep that the bleed it imparts lasts until the victim heals. Think of it as the worst paper cut ever.
  • Triflector – This Trident deals 2 additional points of damage to your opponent every time you are struck, making your opponents think thrice about inflicting damage.
  • Nutcracker – This brute takes a long time to charge, but can hit incredibly hard. It can be charged for several seconds to deliver up to 60 points of damage against any opponent unfortunate enough to be caught by its wrath.
  • Axetinguisher – While this Fireman’s Axe is equipped you are immune to all wounds. Your wounds are … axetinguished.. immediately!
  • Vampire Bat – This weapon sucks, literally! Recover 2 hp each time you strike an opponent by leeching their lifeforce.
  • Doppledagger – When equipped, this Bowie Knife allows you to double-jump. It’s like you’re going to outer space, man!
  • Infinity Pole – This Yari returns to your hand each time it’s thrown. How? Do you have poles, poles, in different area codes? We’re not sure, but it won’t matter when you’ve got the upperhand on your enemy!
  • VomiHawk – This Tomahawk inflicts a sickness wound with every strike. That means not only can you take out your opponent, with the VomiHawk you can take them down with the sickness.


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