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The Behemoth understand us and our PC ways. They know we’ll only settle for the best, which is why BattleBlock Theater’s Steam version will have resolution options that go up to 1,000,000p (no it won’t) and support for upwards of twenty Oculus Rifts (again, no.)

But enough explaining and therefore ruining jokes, you should watch the trailer to see all of those things! Go on.

Here’s what the PC version of BattleBlock Theater will actually be adding and changing. It’ll have Steam Workshop support for user-made levels, a weapon-switching button so you can carry two at once, more cat guards for the story mode, Steam inventory magic for trading weapons and collectible prisoner types and some good old keyboard and mouse support.

There will also be a closed beta running through (probably) the last week of March, which you can sign up for here after you’ve read all the rules and stuff.

Now watch the trailer and prepare to have your mind blown and see Gabe Newell as a cat.

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