A new post from Gearbox details some of the new additions coming to Battleborn soon.

The updates will include new maps, matchmaking changes, and an important in-game reporting feature to flag cheaters. Some of these additions are coming soon according to the update while others may take a little longer.

  • New PVP Maps: Yes, they’re on the way! Three more maps are coming to Battleborn in a couple of weeks.
  • Versus Matchmaking Changes: Next week we will be revealing and releasing a new iteration to the matchmaking system. These changes are being made with the intent of further refining the matchmaking experience for players everywhere. Stay tuned to the Battleborn news blog for more details.
  • Broadcaster Mode: Broadcaster Mode is something that you guys have been asking for and something we’ve wanted to do for a while. This feature will let you broadcast and stream matches through third-person camera controls. We’re hoping to bring you Broadcaster Mode next month.
  • In-game Reporting:  It’s important to us to give each player the best Battleborn experience possible and players who cheat or disrupt others’ ability to play the game ruin that experience. We’re working on an in-game reporting feature to allow you to flag players who are suspected of cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience. Our goal is to include the reporting feature in the next major patch update for July.
Paul Younger
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