Gearbox’ Battleborn appears to be having a tough time at the moment, it’s just not ticking all the right boxes for gamers.

This week has been particularly hard for the title with the launch of Overwatch, which isn’t quite the same thing but it’s having an impact it seems. The day Overwatch launched, Gearbox dropped the price of the game to $40 in an attempt to grab gamers’ attention but that doesn’t appear to have worked because today the game has once again been dropped in price.

Battleborn can now be picked up on Steam for £23.99 which is a whopping 40% off. That’s quite some discount for a game that is around three weeks old. The Steam current player count is telling as Battleborn barely makes it into the top 100 player count listing, it’s around position 94 with a peak today of 2894.

Battleborn hasn’t turned into the AAA blockbuster 2K and Gearbox would have hoped for it seems. There a likely a number of reasons for this, the terrible release date which was close to Overwatch, and the inability of Gearbox to explain what the game actually is.

When you consider Battleborn has a story mode with co-op and multiplayer, the price is appealing when compared to Overwatch which is simply a multiplayer shooter with a large price tag. If it wasn’t for the fact Blizzard created Overwatch it would probably not be doing quite as well. Overwatch isn’t an original game concept and it’s not anything unique, but it is a highly polished shooter with featuring typical quirky Blizzard characters.

Perhaps the price drop will help Battleborn fight back, it’s not had much of a chance.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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