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The PC Battlefield 1 beta opened up to all-comers today, but it’s quite likely that you’ve not been able to get on to play it yet due to server outages. This looks to be a widespread problem, because DICE have addressed the issue directly on twitter (now removed, see update below).

“BF1 Open Beta is currently experiencing server outages,” the tweet reads. “We’re working to resolve as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for more updates.” That was (at the time of writing) posted about fifteen minutes ago, so no additional updates have been given just yet.

Pressed for an estimated time, whoever is writing for the Battlefield 1 account says “As soon as possible”. Until EA and DICE can find where the problem is, potential beta players will just have to wait this out. The beta can be downloaded through Origin on PC.

Update: The original tweet referencing Battlefield 1 outages has been removed and replaced with a new one referring to outages for EA’s “games, services and support” in general.

Update 2: The servers are back online. Read Battlefield 1 servers back online following DDOS attack for more details.

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