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Battlefield I Setting

Battlefield 1 is Set during World War I and will take place around the Western Front as well as the Italian Alps and Arabia. Battles will be played as one of six different classes of soldier on land, sea and in the air.  Access to heavy machinery, weaponry and gadgets from the period will enable cohesive squads to capture villages, conquer open battlefields, launch coastal assaults and dominate the skies in dogfights.


battlefield 1 deploy

Deploy on the Battlefield

Gameplay will be fast-paced and frantic and the challenges for commanding the battle arena will be won by taking advantage of and creating opportunities to advance on your opponant.   Strong team work is emphasised.

In land battles cover can be saught in or behind town structures and as terrain is destructible you can also hunker down in a crater left by a grenade or snipe from behind what’s left of a house a tank has blown apart.  You can even barge through doors knocking them down to surprise an enemy.

Weather from bright sunny days to heavy rain or fog can somewhat change the nature of the battlefield too.

When dying you’ll be able to redeploy to anywhere on the map; small icons will show were available vehicles are to take control of and strategic points on the map you may be of most use to your team at that time.

reviewed and updatedModes of Play

Single Player

A Campaign mode will feature much more open environments than in previous titles and you can take control of several characters as you work your way through the campaign.  The information below was datamined and the specifics could change prior to release but here are all the single player episodes the names of which give you some idea of the particular setting and challenges it could entail.

Episode 0 : Prologue

  • Chapter 1 : Prologue

Episode 1 : Friends in High Places

  • Chapter 1 : Flight School
  • Chapter 2 : Total War
  • Chapter 3 : Carry Your Friend
  • Chapter 4 : Blitz

Episode 2 : Nothing is Written

  • Chapter 1 : Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Chapter 2 : Young Mens Works
  • Chapter 3 : Hear The Desert

Episode 3 : Through Mud and Blood

  • Chapter 1 : Tank Assault
  • Chapter 2 : Fog of War
  • Chapter 3 : Out of Gas
  • Chapter 4 : Steel on Steel

Episode 4 : Avanti Savoia!

  • Chapter 1 : ?
  • Chapter 2 : ?

Episode 5 : The Runner

  • Chapter 1 : ?
  • Chapter 2 : ?
  • Chapter 3 : ?

Episode 6 : Epilogue

  • Chapter 1 : Gallipoli
  • Chapter 2 : The Runaround
  • Chapter 3 : Saving a Life

You’ll play through each episode with different characters such as the all-black 369 US Army regiment, (nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters) and as a Bedouin female warrior who fought in the middle east.


Multiplayer games require more team work than in previous titles which promises to beat a more free-for-all shooter approach to multiplayer matches.  It’s planned to accomodate up to 64 players with ten different maps to choose from:

  • Amiens
  • Chateau
  • Desert
  • Fao Fortress
  • Forest
  • Argonne
  • Itailian Coast
  • Mountain Fort
  • Scar
  • Suez

There will be eight game modes, some familiar and others not so. Number in parenthesis is the number of players:

  • Rush (24)
  • Conquest (40)
  • Team Deathmatch (24)
  • Breakthrough (40)
  • Domination (24)
  • Possession (24)
  • Air Superiority (64)
  • Behemoth


Battlefield 1 Scout's Flare

Scout’s Flare

There are six classes available.

  • Assault- The anti-vehicle class equipped with explosive gadgets. Dominate close ranged combat.
  • Support- Use light-machine guns for rapid stream of bullets to beat the enemy back. They can also provide ammo packs to their team mates keeping them stocked up so they can hunker down and maintain cover.
  • Medic – Can use medium range weeapons and can heal teammates and repair vehicles.
  • Scout – Sniper class. Can shoot off flare guns which will eveal any enemies on the minimap.
  • Tanker – Can deploy (spawn) into to a tank and become a tank class where you’ll take control of its weaponry.  Will be able to repair the tank from inside, you can’t move the tank or fire from it whilst repairing however and will be a sitting duck so need to find momentary cover. When exiting tank you’ll resume your regular class.
  • Pilot – Can deploy into an aircraft where you’ll also take control of its weaponry.


battlefield 1 bayonet charge

Bayonet Charge


  • Hatchet – Primarily designed as a tool to destroy or modify various equipment on the battlefield, the hatchet also made for a vicious cleaving weapon up close.
  • Knife –
  • Saber –
  • Shovel –
  • Bayonet – Every rifle is equipped with a Bayonet. Bayonet Charges can be performed by sprinting then pressing the Melee key. Once a Bayonet charge has been initiated it can not be stopped until you hit an enemie an obstacle or run out of Energy.
  • Mace –
  • Club –


  • Frag – Standard timed fuze hand grenade with high damage.
  • Gas – Release a long-lasting gas cloud that damages enemies inside it. Gas masks can be equipped to protect against its effects.
  • Impact – Detonates immediately upon impact.
  • Incendiary – Creates intense flames for a short duration. Flames stick to soldiers and will continue to burn outsite the original fire.
  • Mini – Can be thrown farther than the standard frag grenade but with a reduced blast yield.
  • Smoke – Creates a blinding cloud of smoke which also blocks spotting.
  • Light Anti-Tank – Offers improved damage against vehicles by sacrificing anti-infantry performance.


Any player can take control of a vehicle either when redeploying after death or if a tank for example is abandoned.

  • Attack Plane
  • Bomber Plane
  • Scout Plane
  • Light Tank
  • Artillery Truck
  • Landship
  • Heavy Tank
  • Horse

Light tanks can hold 1 player, medium up to 3 players and heavy tanks up to 5.

While mounted on a horse, players can use a one-handed rifle and scimitar as weapons. The scimitar can take a player out with one hit. Ammo and bandages can also be dropped from the saddle bags.

Aircraft in WW1 didn’t have locking missiles or countermeasures so whereas previous Battlefield titles with modern aircraft benefited from all the advanced tech Battlefield 1 will rely on your ability to master the maneuverability  of the aircraft, managing its weight and drag to win in dogfights.


DICE say that the French will be added as DLC.

Beta Test

The open beta test is expected to start on 31st August 2016.

Battlefield 1 Videos

Single Player Campaign Trailer – 27 September 2016

Gamescom Gameplay Trailer – 15 August 2016

Vehicles Trailer – 11 August 2016

Weapons Trailer – 4 August 2016

Official Gameplay Trailer – 12 June 2016

Multiplayer Gameplay – 12 June 2016

Multiplayer Tank Gamplay – 12 June 2016

Multiplayer Air Gamplay – 12 June 2016

Official Reveal Trailer – 6 May 2016

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