Battlefield 1
This is not going to end well. Sorry horse.

After collecting a whole bunch of feedback from the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, DICE have written up a short article talking about what will change between beta and release. In it, DICE’s Daniel Berlin notes changes to the Conquest ticket system and some alterations to vehicles (and horses).

For the beta, Conquest mode only capturing and holding objectives really contributed to the ticket system. Apparently a large number of Battlefield 1 players wanted kills to count as well, because Berlin states: “The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives AND getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match.” This doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be identical to the old system, just that kills will now contribute in some manner.

That’s probably the biggest change mentioned, but there’s also a note that the Light Tank will “receive some work” as it proved to be a bit too effective in the beta. Berlin adds that “we agree that Horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment,” and that players need more tools, earlier, to deal with vehicles. To that end, Supports should be getting a “Gadget” to help with that.

Finally, Rush mode will be getting some unspecified alterations before launch too. “We are making tweaks to the [Rush] game mode as we speak with your feedback as the backbone to the entire process,” Berlin says.

Battlefield 1 comes to PC on 21 October. The system specs have also been announced today.


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