Battlefield 1 servers back online following DDOS attack

Battlefield 1 servers back online following DDOS attack

Many of you will have noticed that the Battlefield 1 beta was offline for around twelve hours (see previous post). The cause? A DDOS attack.

A group going by the name of PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility and have been posting updates on their Twitter account throughout the evening. The post from the group read, “We are responsible for the downtime”.

According to a later post this evening, “Battlefield is no longer being attacked”. That was around 1AM GMT.

The servers are now back online so EA must have resolved the issue and the extra downtime may be due to EA adding extra protection in case it happens again.

Keep an eye on the EA support Twitter account for the latest updates should the servers start to struggle again.

Thanks to Rochyroch for letting us know.

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