Battlefield 2042: Best MCS-880 shotgun loadout

battlefield 2042 mcs-880 loadout

Shotguns have always been a staple of Battlefield. Franchise fans who played some of the older games will surely remember the monster that was the M1014 on Battlefield 4 or even Bad Company 2’s Model 870. Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 does not continue this trend with both the MCS-880 and 12M Auto shotguns lacking in firepower. Regardless, with the right MCS-880 build and playstyle, it is still possible to secure some impressive kills in Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042 MCS-880 Loadout

  • Sight: Fusion Holo
  • Ammunition: Flechette Shell
  • Underbarrel: LS-1 Laser Sight
  • Barrel: Factory Barrel
  • Secondary Weapon: MP28
  • Gadget: C5 Explosive
  • Throwable: Prox Sensor

The MCS-880 excels at something Battlefield 2042 isn’t necessarily known for — close-quarters combat. This game is defined by its large maps that feature plenty of flat open areas. Shotguns don’t work well in these environments, which can make them difficult to use. Due to this, it’s important that you consider which objectives are suitable. Some good examples of good areas to play are the Ship on Discarded and the Oil Rig on Breakaway.

As for the best build, it is recommended to unlock the Flechette Shells before taking this shotgun online. This is because the stock #00 Buckshot rounds suffer from a horrendous spread that makes it difficult to deal good damage beyond ten meters. That’s not to say that the Flechette Shells are immune to this, but they are more forgiving.

Battlefield 2042 Mcs 880 Loadout Gunsmith

As always, choice of optic is a personal preference, but I like using the Fusion Holo sight. It provides a clear view of targets, and its low zoom level works well at close range. It’s unfortunate, but a higher zoom optic with Slug Shells is simply not viable right now. Slug ammunition is weak and in desperate need of a buff.

It’s best to stick with the default Factory Barrel as the only alternative is the Type 4 Heavy Suppressor. Although having suppressed fire can be nice for flanking teams without getting noticed, the cons of this attachment outweigh the pros. It reduces effective range substantially making the MCS-880 less consistent at longer ranges.

Battlefield 2042 Mcs 880 Loadout Crouch Spread Reduction

As with all shotguns in Battlefield 2042, the MCS-880 benefits greatly from crouching just before you shoot. Doing this will noticeably increase the gun’s effective range.

My pistol of choice is usually the M44 revolver, but given that the MCS-880 offers one-shot kill potential, using a secondary that fills the same role is overkill. So, instead, either the semi-automatic MP28 or G57 should be used. Both are fine, but I personally prefer the MP28 as it hits a little harder.

The gadget used will differ based on how you intend to play, but I’d recommend using the C5 Explosive. Shotgunning in Battlefield has you on the frontline, often right in the middle of the action. This results in plenty of opportunities to close the gap on enemy tanks, attach C5, and earn some easy kills. Those looking to play more aggressively may prefer using a Med Pen to heal on the move or a Medical Crate if playing as part of a coordinated squad.

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