Battlefield 2042 Exodus Story Short Film

The next entry in the Battlefield franchise skips out on a traditional campaign, but the developers have every intention of bringing the year 2042 to life with various story elements. On August 12 at 11 AM ET, you’ll be able to watch the Exodus short film that sets up the various factions and possibly even the characters we’ll come to know in Battlefield 2042.

The official Battlefield social channels presented a teaser today about the upcoming reveal. The 15-second trailer shows a few glimpses of different scenes while a message plays with an ominous warning. It sounds like there’s some type of rebellious faction that’s about to stir some sh-tuff up. There’s a brief glimpse of a yacht followed by another quick shot of some VTOL aircraft flying in a heavy storm. The teaser ends with a soldier charging across an open space and past some civilian cars.


The footage likely offers more context than we realize at this point, but the voice message is pretty clear. There’s a “forgotten” faction transmitting about its intention to remind the world about its existence. This is presumably the “No-Pats,” which is some sort of loose coalition of fighters. The corner of the trailer mentions someone named “Oz” as the target. Oz is allegedly the leader of said No-Pats, but the intent of the message remains unclear.

However, the date within the trailer does provide a small interesting detail. According to the trailer, the message or events taking place are on October 20. The release date for Battlefield 2042 is on October 22. With this in mind, perhaps we can theorize that the game’s narrative begins two days after whatever “Exodus” is about.

I guess we’ll see, then, “Oz,” if that’s your real name

We know a very limited amount of information about the setup for Battlefield 2042. You know the meme with the guy wearing the armored plate helmet and holding the tiny pistol? “I have no idea who I am or why I am here. All I know is that I must kill.” Yeah, that’s a good summary of what we know about the story in Battlefield 2042 at this point.

There were some new details released recently that may indicate what to expect though. You can head over to the Battlefield 2042 website to follow the journey of journalist Kayvan Bechir. He recollects his journey in short chapters that will arrive piece by piece to provide a degree of world building for Earth in 2042.

Check out the brief Exodus trailer below and don’t forget to save the date for the full premier on August 12 at 11 AM ET. You can also look forward to the multiplayer beta sometime this September.

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