Battlefield 2042 Season One Delayed Feature

The early life of Battlefield 2042 has not been easy. Its launch was rough, with many fans feeling as though it was missing several key features present in past installments. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be improving. At least not anytime soon. In a tweet posted earlier today, developer DICE confirmed that Season One of Battlefield 2042 has been delayed.

Although an official release date hadn’t been provided information previously discovered by data-miners suggested that Season One would launch in March. This aligned well with the expectations of the community. However, if this was originally the plan it isn’t anymore. Instead, Battlefield 2042 players will have to wait until sometime in the summer to try out the new content.


The post does clarify that a smaller update will be coming to Battlefield 2042 before Season One drops. This update should come in early March and will include improvements to the in-game scoreboard. The updates that follow will prioritize the implementation of voice chat, a refined ping system, gunplay improvements, and a more engaging reward loop.

Once it arrives in the summer, Season One will add some much-needed new content. The tweet promises that both new specialists and maps are in the works. This won’t be the news everyone wanted to hear, as some traditional Battlefield fans have not been impressed with the game’s specialist system, but it is at least confirmation that meaningful content is on the way.

The road to recovery

At this point, Battlefield 2042 is in a tough spot, and even the release of Season One is unlikely to fix that alone. The majority of its player base has left, with interest in the game growing smaller every day. Both Dice and Electronic Arts have a long journey ahead if they want to make Battlefield 2042 great. This level of communication is a good start, but actions speak louder than words. The community will only begin to believe in 2042‘s potential once these promised features are implemented.

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